A diversity of plastic designs
Ideas and products for different industries

KVK US Technologies Inc. creates and produces precision hollow bodies in accordance with customer wishes and needs. To achieve this the Americans use a variety of production techniques and processes, specially equipped extrusion blow moulding machines and special machines for further processing.

Founded in 2008 in New Castle, Indiana, the company has become a renowned supplier of high-quality blow moulded products as well as technically complex moulded parts and systems made of plastic within just a few years.

Like all companies in the Koetke Group, KVK US Technologies Inc. also benefits from the exchange of experience and the transfer of knowledge with the German plastics processing experts, Kunststoffverarbeitung Koetke GmbH and MBK Maschinenbau Koetke GmbH.

We are ISO9001-certified. The certificate can be sent on request.

Aerial picture of our company in New Castle, IN, USA